Think hard, vote smart

UK on a cliff’s edge

Britain is crumbling under relentless austerity which is about to be compounded by Hard Brexit. Is this the kind of world we want our future generations to grow up in?

The mainstream opposition parties are either too fragmented (see Labour) or too small (see Greens) to have any impact on their own. The Conservatives are putting on a united front – but even amongst them a silent civil war is going on between Leave and Remain Tories.

Yet both Labour and LibDems are ruling out ally coalition to resist Theresa May and her drive to Hard Brexit. So what choices do the majority of eligible voters have? (Noting that the referendum may have been won by a tiny majority of those that voted, but a minority of those who have the right to vote).

If we are loyal to our parties we will only weaken the opposition to Brexit even further. In this election it seems that sticking to principles is akin to elf-harming. We don’t want the pain of Brexit and austerity to continue – but we will accept it out of principle? That is using almost the same logic as the Leave campaign itself.

There is of course one solution to all this: vote tactical. And that is what this site is about.

Tactical voting is not as unusual and illogical as you may think. Basically, instead of voting for your first choice (if their chances are weak) you vote for your second preference. This is call Preferential or Ranking voting, and is practiced in many countries around the world.

Be informed about your choices

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