Loving Harry’s style

Well played for campaigning against . It’s people like him that can really help to galvanise the youth vote at

Never have I “loved” Harry Styles more. 

Talking about Brexit Harry said:


The best election video yet?


If you are frustrated by all the political point scoring in this UK General Election 2017, this short campaign video by the Green Party is a refreshing antidote. 

Sit back and turn the clocks back. To the 1970s… But let’s hope we don’t return to the 1950s…

Calling all young voters

A message from Another Europe is Possible:

Yes, that’s right. Labour aren’t just ahead of the Tories, they’re several points ahead – among younger voters.

Poll after poll tells us that under the age of 30 the Tories are hugely unpopular, with some polls even putting Labour on 50 per cent and the Greens doing really well too. 

If young people, and other under-represented demographics, register to vote and show up on June 8th, progressives of all stripes really can beat the Tories.

That’s where you come in. Don’t click away – do these 2 simple things now.

1. Share the register to vote link on Facebook – and post a positive message with it. It takes less than 5 minutes to register online, and you don’t need any documents.

2. Make sure you, your friends, your family and your colleagues are registered. The register link is here. Use every method of communication you can get hold of: from emails to doorknocking to social media. Send mass texts, speak to your friends and family, raise it awkwardly in the middle of pub conversations.

We at Tactical2017 figured out how to end a Conservative majority. This is our advice to you

You may have read about the”‘Stop the Tories” spreadsheet that was doing the rounds back in April when the snap General Election was announced. Since then, Tactical2017, our site which gives you information on how to vote tactically, has become a movement with the aim of empowering voters and highlighting voting inequality. If you’re keen on making your vote more meaningful this June, take note of these 4 key points.

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/opinion/tactical2017-figured-end-conservative-majority-advice/