Your voting options

Could this data help to determine who to vote for in your area?

If you want to defeat Brexit and Theresa May, these are your options. As people research and publish better, and easier to read tables, I’ll be posting these here. These tables will be the key to election success.

This election may be the time to put long help party political conviction to one side and tactically vote to stop Brexit.

Tactical voting tools are beginning to spring up including this one by Twitter user @chickabiddybex. Becky S has compiled data that claims to determine which way you should vote to prevent another Conservative government. You can view the list here.

For those in a Tory safe seat, Becky S has some advice: “Vote anyway – it’s very important because the popular vote will still be noted by the press. The more it is shown to not match up with the seats given, the more likely change will happen.”