Tactical voting links

Yes, tactical is what this election is about. Some are there to make this about the EU, others are more focused on ousting the Tories. Personally, I think we should embrace anybody who will help stop this Brexit madness.

The General Election will be THURSDAY 8th JUNE – So let’s all vote TACTICALLY within our own constituencies. These websites may help you:

Make Votes Matter (The cross-party campaign for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons!)
on Twitter

Tactical2017 (more focused on anti Tory votes)
on Twitter

Gina Miller (Support the country’s biggest tactical voting drive ever and stop Extreme Brexit)

Guide to tactical voting, from BBC in 2010

Article links

Paul Mason:  Coalition, collaboration and tactical voting: that’s how to halt hard Brexit

Ben Goldacre: Ben Goldacre lends support as grassroots tactical voting drive to oust Tories grows

New politics: This is a paper that was written, most interestingly, by the murdered MP Jo Cox together with Neal Lawson (opens PDF).