Loving Harry’s style

Well played for campaigning against . It’s people like him that can really help to galvanise the youth vote at

Never have I “loved” Harry Styles more. 

Talking about Brexit Harry said:


Tactical voting in GE 2017 – why and how


With no time for a Progressive Alliance, tactical voting is the only game in town. But why would we oppose strengthening our PM’s negotiating hand?

Stop! That narrative is bogus. The EU don’t care what political party they are dealing with. They’ll offer what they offer. The difference is all at national level. Do we want an army of May clones deciding our fate – or do we want a parliament that represents the rich variety of this country’s opinions? We must ensure that our parliament is filled with open-minded MPs who will consider all Brexits and none. It’s over to us now – civil society – to build the war kitty and put boots on the ground. It’s building. Watch this space.

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A little reminder of the key argument….

Theresa May has made it very clear how she wants this election to be framed – all about her (two favourite new buzzwords) “strong and stable” stewardship of the UK’s Brexit from the EU.

– Which is why we now need her snap election that May previously warned we should not have as it’s destabilising – only it isn’t now. Not if it’s making her Brexit negotiating more “strong and stable.”

Many in this country and in the EU are sceptical about May’s reason for calling an 8 week election campaign right now, and almost as much suspicion has greeted the Prime Minister’s historic refusal to participate in any TV debates, where other issues may pop up and uncomfortable questions arise….

Watch this video and tell me we are being led by an honest leader? If ever any leader has made a bigger U-turn in political thinking, then Theresa May (and perhaps Boris Johnson) beats the lot.


More detail from the original article: http://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/politics/read-one-speech-theresa-may-election-make/25/04/

Cross targeting…

Lib Dems are target the Brexit-backing Labour MP Kate Hoey in Vauxhall

There is a leaflet merging faces of MP and Nigel Farage distributed by campaigners in south London constituency.


The Liberal Democrats are targeting a south London seat held by Labour with a 12,000 majority in a bid to unseat pro-Brexit MP Kate Hoey, publishing a leaflet showing her face merged with former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

The party distributed 20,000 purple leaflets with the Hoey-Farage graphic in the Labour MP’s Vauxhall constituency over the weekend, where 78% of residents backed remain.

Campaigners say they intend to wallpaper the area with another image of the pair celebrating on board the so-called Brexit flotilla during the EU referendum campaign, when Hoey was chair of Labour Leave.


Read the full story on the Guardian.


Consider voting Tory or Lib Dems over Brexit, says Tony Blair


The world is turning upside down, well and truly. I am now finding myself agreeing with Tony Blair, who I have resented ever since he sent us to war with Iraq, all those years ago. Unfortunately for him, most people do forget all the good he did while in office, and it is Iraq that sticks in people’s minds.

Now, in an atmosphere of frustration and anxiety about Hard Brexit, and the direction our democracy is taking, maybe he can offer a strong, fresh voice of reason? Not that Corbyn, a closet Brexiteers after all,  will be impressed.

This time though Tony is reading the public mood correctly:

Tony Blair has advised those going to the polls to consider voting for the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats in order to weaken the Prime Minister’s mandate for a hard Brexit.

The former Prime Minister said it was important to vote for candidates who had an “open mind” on the final deal and that people should not limit their votes to just Labour because the issue was “bigger than party allegiance”.


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