8 June. Your vote can stop the Tories.

Theresa May called this general election in a cynical attempt to crush the opposition to her hard Brexit. But together we can foil her plan – with tactical voting for progressive candidates who are best placed to win their seat.

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Source: https://stopthetori.es/ or follow: https://twitter.com/votetools


If you are in any doubt what this election is about…

This is what this election is all about. Theresa May is after a mandate that will allow her to go for Hard Brexit. The only way to resit is to vote with your heart and brain: Vote Tactical!

The saddest part about this? The Tory manifesto resembles that of the BNP. That’s how far things have come.

Shame Labour at complicit in this far right agenda.

#VoteTactical #VoteTactically