Reasons to vote tactical….

Don’t let the Government turn back the clocks to Downton Abbey days. Here are some excellent reminders as to what this election is about. And if you haven’t done so yet – now is the time to register to vote – and why you need to #VoteTactical

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These graphics have been made by Dean Vipond

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Feel free to share these on social media – no credit to me is required. Try and start honest conversations with people. Social media is terrible for changing people’s minds, but we have to try something.

I passionately believe that Theresa May’s Conservative government is dangerous. For the future of the people who live in Britain. Please vote against them.




Want to vote tactical but don’t know who to vote for?

Most constituencies can only be realistically contested by two parties.

tactical2017 shows which way you should vote on 8th June to prevent the Tories from getting into power again.


We at Tactical2017 figured out how to end a Conservative majority. This is our advice to you

You may have read about the”‘Stop the Tories” spreadsheet that was doing the rounds back in April when the snap General Election was announced. Since then, Tactical2017, our site which gives you information on how to vote tactically, has become a movement with the aim of empowering voters and highlighting voting inequality. If you’re keen on making your vote more meaningful this June, take note of these 4 key points.

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Tactical voting in GE 2017 – why and how


With no time for a Progressive Alliance, tactical voting is the only game in town. But why would we oppose strengthening our PM’s negotiating hand?

Stop! That narrative is bogus. The EU don’t care what political party they are dealing with. They’ll offer what they offer. The difference is all at national level. Do we want an army of May clones deciding our fate – or do we want a parliament that represents the rich variety of this country’s opinions? We must ensure that our parliament is filled with open-minded MPs who will consider all Brexits and none. It’s over to us now – civil society – to build the war kitty and put boots on the ground. It’s building. Watch this space.

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The spreadsheet for tactical voting is now a website

To note is that it is heavily focused against Tories – all Tories. My thinking though suggests that, to win the argument we should be focusing on one idea: defeating Brexit. With the support of the moderate, pro-EU Tories this will be by far more possible.

The Indie story goes as follows:

A widely-shared spreadsheet which encourages people to vote tactically in order to deny the Conservatives a victory in the general election has been made into a mobile-first website.

Last week the Google doc, started by 28-year-old Becky Snowden in West Yorkshire, was circulated widely around social networks.

The theory is easy. Find a Tory swing seat and get people to vote for whoever is most likely to beat them. And for some constituencies it was genuinely that simple. For others, the Tory safe seats, it isn’t clear at this time who the best competitor is. Most of the data is based on previous election results in 2015, 2010 and by-elections.

I have also had overwhelming support from people offering local knowledge. I try to take this into account where I can.

The most difficult to call areas I have tried to indicate that people will have to pick those for themselves. I’ve also tried to indicate which seats are safe ‘non-Tory’ so people can make up their own minds on those.

Becky has since, with collaborators, set up a mobile friendly website, to make the experience easier.

You simply enter your location, or allow the website to track it, and it’ll tell you what it deems as your best tactical vote against the Conservatives.


Becky told indy100:

There are a few of us who have teamed up to make the site and also a group who are working on promoting it.

It’s definitely a growing movement, more and more people hear about it each day and with the support of volunteers we are able to make the message easier to spread – hence creating a mobile friendly site.

Although Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron previously said he would go into coalition with the Conservatives, he has now ruled out a coalition with both the Tories and the Labour party.

He told the Observer:

There is no way we can countenance any kind of arrangement or coalition with the Conservative party and likewise with the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

He [Corbyn] accepted hard Brexit, he voted for it. He enabled it. It has put us in the situation we are now in.



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A little reminder of the key argument….

Theresa May has made it very clear how she wants this election to be framed – all about her (two favourite new buzzwords) “strong and stable” stewardship of the UK’s Brexit from the EU.

– Which is why we now need her snap election that May previously warned we should not have as it’s destabilising – only it isn’t now. Not if it’s making her Brexit negotiating more “strong and stable.”

Many in this country and in the EU are sceptical about May’s reason for calling an 8 week election campaign right now, and almost as much suspicion has greeted the Prime Minister’s historic refusal to participate in any TV debates, where other issues may pop up and uncomfortable questions arise….

Watch this video and tell me we are being led by an honest leader? If ever any leader has made a bigger U-turn in political thinking, then Theresa May (and perhaps Boris Johnson) beats the lot.


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