I am a threat

A nationwide billboard campaign is being launched today across the country accusing Theresa May of being a ‘threat’ to our public services.
The People’s Assembly has hired over 40 billboards, mostly in key marginal seats, which display a large picture of Theresa May with the words ‘I am a threat’ followed by ‘to your local hospital, to your child’s education, to your living standards, to your job security, to your pension, to you peace and security’.
Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People’s Assembly, said
“Theresa May has made it blatantly clear her attitude to ordinary people in, what can only be described as, her manifesto of misery.”
“She is a threat to everything we rely on from cradle to grave. The crisis in the NHS was created by the Conservative government and they’re doing nothing to address it. She’s snatching free school lunches off infants while her plans to restructure our education system will leave schools without proper funding. University students are being strapped with lifelong debt. Employers are allowed to get away with paying poverty wages on insecure or zero hour contracts and she wants to rob people’s houses from them & their family cover the costs of looking after them in old age.”
“In one of the most important elections for generations we want to expose the lies behind Theresa May’s soundbite rhetoric. We’ll do everything we can to make sure Theresa May and her government for the super rich isn’t returned to Downing St.”
A crowdfunding drive has been launched alongside the billboard campaign so the group can organise more advertising in the last week of the election campaign. The People’s Assembly website stated “We’re putting across a different message on some of the space that is usually just reserved for the big business and corporations and we’re asking everyone to help us do more of this.” A number of billboard sites however refused to display the image because of the political message.





8 June. Your vote can stop the Tories.

Theresa May called this general election in a cynical attempt to crush the opposition to her hard Brexit. But together we can foil her plan – with tactical voting for progressive candidates who are best placed to win their seat.

Enter your postcode to look up your constituency or see the constituency A-Z.

Source: https://stopthetori.es/ or follow: https://twitter.com/votetools

Calling all young voters

A message from Another Europe is Possible:

Yes, that’s right. Labour aren’t just ahead of the Tories, they’re several points ahead – among younger voters.

Poll after poll tells us that under the age of 30 the Tories are hugely unpopular, with some polls even putting Labour on 50 per cent and the Greens doing really well too. 

If young people, and other under-represented demographics, register to vote and show up on June 8th, progressives of all stripes really can beat the Tories.

That’s where you come in. Don’t click away – do these 2 simple things now.

1. Share the register to vote link on Facebook – and post a positive message with it. It takes less than 5 minutes to register online, and you don’t need any documents.

2. Make sure you, your friends, your family and your colleagues are registered. The register link is here. Use every method of communication you can get hold of: from emails to doorknocking to social media. Send mass texts, speak to your friends and family, raise it awkwardly in the middle of pub conversations.